Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tales Of Siblings

Well last night was interesting. My son asked if he could spend the night at a friends house. I said that would be fine but gave him the non-negotiable request of showering and teeth brushing (while I realize this should go without saying ... it just doesn't go with out SAYING.)

He packed up a small bag with games and his new cell phone. Which, come to find out, was full charged. That news in itself made me do a little jig. And tells me at 13 he is capable of thinking for himself (hey its the little things, trust me).

I dropped him off and that was that.

~cue other shoe dropping~

About an hour later my oldest girl comes in. She asks me if I've seen her new game. X-box 360 game that is. Tales of Vesperia. It's Anime. It's cool. And she was beyond excited to get it Christmas Day.

She already new the answer. She knew before she even asked me that her brother had taken it. She points out how "he" didn't give her his new cell number so she has no idea how to reach him. I got my phone, I handed it to her and figured I'd let them sort it out.

.... the best laid plans ....

I came back after a while to see if it was, indeed, sorted out. She was in her room sobbing. Part of me feels that it servers her right, she's rotten to her brother, sometimes. Other times she's very loving and kind and overly thoughtful toward him.

The other part of me was ANNOYED that he would do that.

So I called him, on his cell, to which I have the number. He answered. I asked if he had his sister's game. He did. I told him we'd be over to get it back. NOW.

I went back into my girls room and told her to get dressed, we were going to get it. Between sobs she asked me if "that was a little much?"

Maybe it was. But I didn't care at that point. Taking something without permission is wrong. She cleaned herself up and we went.

He apologized for taking it. She hugged him.

And all was right in the world, once again.

Until he comes home at 1:00 PM today, where there will be extra chores waiting for him.

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Sassy said...

An apology and a hug...