Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Much To Do!

I hate that the weekend is coming and my "want to" do list is a mile long.

Such as ~

  • take pictures of various books in the library and put together blog post.
  • write about and post pictures of the two birthday parties me and the youngest attended.
  • finish "tie together" quilt.
  • dig out next size car seat for the youngest.
  • endless laundry.
  • clear out one side of the living room.
  • locate paint and painting supplies.
  • paint living room walls.
  • install wall mount for flat screen TV. (yeah, I won't be doing that)
  • clear out other side of living room.
  • paint walls.
  • put everything back together.
  • finish reading Stackhouse series.
  • watch season II of Pushing Daisies.
  • clean bathrooms.
  • vacuum.

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