Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday's To-Do List

  • Attempt to wash bottomless pit of laundry.
  • Fret over outrageously high Gas & Electric bill.
  • Wonder how much children are actually worth.
  • Reconsider that and instead wonder what husband is worth.
  • Give up on whole thing and hope for money tree.
  • Meticulously track calories, as days home = willy nilly eating.
  • Play Dora Dollhouse with my youngest.
  • Be happy about it.
  • Pick up son from friend's house at 2 PM.
  • Tease him with the fact that donuts were available and his favorite kind might not be left.
  • Checks lumps in bed to verify oldest teenager is indeed alive in there.
  • Insist she get up.
  • Sweep and wash the kitchen floor.
  • Check living room for dust bunnies.
  • Feed Cats.

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