Monday, January 18, 2010

Do You Hear Bongos?

So, I've had this sinus headache for the last two days and I'm about ready to rip my nose off, scrape the insides of my cheeks with a baby spoon and call it a day.

My point? Enough already.

And, no, we do not have a single pill of sinus relief in the house. I used them all up yesterday trying to battle this beastly thing. I'm to the point where the antibiotics prescribed to me last year, that I didn't use the entire bottle of, is appealing. Very appealing.

Today is an extra day off. Could the weather co-operate here? The answer to that is about as much as my head is co-operating.

Stupid winter. With your rain/sleet/whipping wind. Would it kill you to be sunny today?

1 comment:

Sassy said...

I'm sick of the weather already! It's so depressing. Hope you feel better!