Monday, December 14, 2009

When You Least Expect It

I had a rough week last week. Granted, mixed in there was some good stuff. But overall, rough for me.

I've got money issues. The potential of something huge with work and hounds snapping at my heels.

I've got back issues. I'm a strong girl. Sitting in my chair, I lean down to my work bag and put my Daytimer in it(it was in the way on my teeny tiny desk). When I felt a stabbing pain in the lower part of my back. STABBING! It finally receded but has been tweak several times due to groceries and the preschooler, which enough already. I'm still dealing with twisting my foot with the whole "jeep" incident.

To be fair, I was able to rest (and nap), wrap gifts and write out Christmas cards this weekend and in general (no cleaning for a change) get other stuff done, fun stuff, which I think is what the season is about.

So this morning, when my back still hurt and I had to reset my alarm rather than head off to bootcamp, and I lay between thinking and obsessing about the things that are going on in my life, I figured it might be a rough morning.

Sure enough, I was greeted with dog business in the kitchen. This has become a regular occurrence and frankly, I am hatin' it. I realize she's a little old dog, with all sorts of plumbing issues and she does look sad, laying in her bed and then her little face will get concerned when I swear and carry on as I clean it up. My son has taken over the responsibility of the dog and will take her outside each time. Carrying her up each time because her back is weak and she can't climb the 13 stairs to our house. He insists he takes her out and that she does "everything". It's a dog mystery, that's what it is.

Anyway, I get that cleaned up, run downstairs to start the car and come back in, try to warm up in my chilly kitchen. I check on my oldest and she is up and getting read. These days I rarely have to wake her, it's very nice for a change. For many years, she was more like my son, who cannot get up in the early morning save his BEHIND. I practically have to pour cold water over him to get him going (either that or threaten no video games that afternoon.)

It's not long before we are heading to the High School, god bless seat warmers on butt burn. I will admit that it took this long to register because before we left, my girl said that she had forgotten to ask me last night to print something for her. But then when she went to save it, in our "shared" directory, she couldn't get it to work.

Granted she had said it to me as we were going down the stairs. And who can thinking when they are trying not to fall. right? Right. She said essentially nothing else as we made it to the traffic light, so I made eye contact and asked her when the project was due. She said today. I make my turn and head down to the High School when I pitch a possible solution of taking her back home, her saving the file again, my printing it, us all leaving together and then dropping her off at school late.

After getting to the turn and asking it all over a second time, I got a tentative okay. Which was enough for me (And my apologies to the car waiting on me to take a left, when in the end I turned right.) to go for it.

Course having her home and the added task o f running up and down stairs (our printer is in the basement office and we live on the second floor, KILL ME) to get her project printed out. But it gone done. (with much stress on my part, let's just say.)

We left about ten minutes late, which isn't the end of the world. Extra hands took care of some details that fall to me. I made two lunches out of crumbs today, honest. My boy's drop off went smoothly, no thanks to the black ice. I must admit, I slid but was able to get the jeep straight pretty quickly, I think that made it a short heart attack instead of a long one.

Finally we are back at the High School. There is some discussion as to whether I should walk her in. This involves taking out the preschooler in and out of the car seat (this exercise has tweaked out my back TWICE so far). I knew all along I'd bring her in anyway.

I want that tardy EXCUSED Ma'am.

What got me was how extremely GRATEFUL my girl was that I would do that for her. This was a project after all and it's more than just her ass on the line. I know that for a while this morning, she was sweating the whole thing out. It was for her FRENCH class. She loves French.

Since we aren't normally late (it's either she's going or not) I had no idea what to do. A nice man (teacher, vice principal, I wasn't sure) directed us to the second door down from the main office. But then we were directed from a shout in the main office to come in there. Finally the Principal realizing what was going on, nicely explained to me that she gets 3 excused absences by having me come in and yes, its the second door down.


So, we head to the second door, and a small hobbit like woman is there. My girl signs herself in, there is a notation of the excused and she gets a pass.

We walk back to the main lobby.

My girl turns to me, smiles, and says thanks Mom. THEN hugs me tight.

Hugs. me. tight. My girl. Hugging. me. In the lobby of her school.

And suddenly it becomes the best day ever.


Chriz said...

that would make the day full of thorns and hellfire becomes a heavenly sea breeze :D

btw have a nice christmas time, mig!

Sassy said...

Awww...sounds like it was a worth it moment.

Be careful with your back! It will be easy to pull it out!