Tuesday, December 15, 2009

File This Under "O.K."

I got this email from an acquaintance yesterday. Years ago, when our girls were in Kindergarten together, we saw each other frequently. This went on until about 4th grade, when her daughter decided she had outgrown mine.

In spite of our girls no longer socializing in the same circles (for the record, my girl was heartbroken, as her girl went on to become Mrs. Overachievercheerleaderpopulargirl) we would still get together a couple times a year over coffee or sometimes lunch.

Here's her email to me ... word for word ...

"Mig, I am embarrassed to say I can't find your address. I know it is on Something street, and I know I just received a card from you whose envelope I "recycled" - knowing that of course I had your address. Well, here I am not able to find the scraps of paper I call my address book. Why oh why don't i put everything on my computer... I resist and resist. Maybe this will be the year.

Anyway, could you send me your street address :-).

Hope all is well. "

The funny thing about this is, I haven't even mailed out my Christmas Cards yet.

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Sassy said...

Sounds like she's hallucinating. She may want to get that checked out.

It's almost Friday!!!