Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inner Turmoil

You know you've got ALOT on your mind when you set the dinner table and pour sugary soda into your pre-schooler's sippy cup instead of apple juice.

And then not even realize.

Not that I did that of course. AHEM. There are winds of change here at my house. My youngest is growing so much, too much, too fast. She's smart, funny and into every stinking thing in this house (unless it's baby proofed). Markers and Scissors are her favorite.

Ask me how I know this.

My son, is having a tough time with school again. As if my life wasn't full enough with challenges, he's now in the mix. Chasing details. Making appointments. Micro-managing his life. Every day I call the homework hotline. Three times. It takes that many tries to get the assignments in his major classes. The teachers? While doing a most helpful thing, hurry through it like I know exactly what they are talking about. And, of course, there is no press #1 to replay this message.

It's incredibly annoying.

I have a "team meeting" tomorrow at 10 AM. Please think of me. Think of me being a strong parent (and saying a prayer that I don't cry my eyes out at this meeting wouldn't hurt either) as my man has to work and cannot be there. We are going to discuss my son's "issues".


Our tenants, of eight years, have vacated our first floor apartment. I use the term "vacated" loosely as there are still cabinets full of stuff left behind and things scattered on the floor of each room. They have until the 15th to get every last bit of it out. But by tomorrow night I'll be packing it up and putting it by the door. If I play my cards right (and rely on our friends) there will be some painting going on this weekend.

Lots of painting.

There also will be a major bathroom renovation. We have known this was coming for a long, long time now. I am holding my breath that financially we can squeak it out AND make the mortgage payment too.


There something new happening at work. The details are still being worked out. Tomorrow there is a key meeting (which happens to fall at the same time as my "team meeting", just kill me now m'kay?) with two big wigs and, no pressure, but I need to make a good impression on them and talk knowledgeably about my experience in employee benefits and issues, in addition, to being a number one assistant.

Alot is riding on this meeting, for me. I am going to dress nice and wear SHOES even. Shocking, I know.

My foot is healing, which pleases me. I think in a few more weeks I'll actually be able to run again. Running now, however, even if it is just a jaunt across the parking lot to my jeep, is just not a good idea.

Trust me on that one.

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Sassy said...

I'm praying that things become less stressful for you! are a good thing! :p