Friday, October 23, 2009

An Unexpected Surprise

I was in a hurry yesterday morning. This is nothing new, I'm always in a hurry. I pulled out of my driveway and realized I forgot my youngest's bag of extra clothes. Could she have survived the day without it, probably, but instead of just continuing on my merry way, I chose to do the following:

1. Become majorly annoyed
2. My attitude immediately went down the toilet
3. I got huffy

I pulled back in, I threw the car in park and went to get out. Except my jeep wasn't in park, it was in REVERSE. With my foot off the brake it immediately started idling backwards, picking up speed. Without thinking I ran backwards with the car, my door was open, I chanted "Oh SHIT!" probably five or six times. Then, I did a sort of twisty jumping kind of thing, to throw myself back into the car (how stunt people do these things without hurting themselves, I have no idea). I made it in, and hit the brake, just before the jeep ran into the bushes and/or the chain link fence that is on either side of my driveway.

Holy crap.

My boy was in the front seat, witnessing the whole thing firsthand. My youngest was strapped in her car seat eating dried cereal and drinking juice. Not at all aware.

It totally could have been worse.

I ignored the fact that my foot was in killing me. I ran upstairs and got the bag, took my son to school (wherein we both asked each other if we were okay) and he seemed fine. I hobbled slowly into daycare and got my youngest settled. Trying my hardest to appear like all was fine.

Then I got back into my jeep and use just about every swear word I could think of. Could I ignore the stabbing pain in my foot?

As it turns out I could not. I have not felt this kind of pain since childbirth and it was sucking ... badly. I got an appointment at my doctors office but had a couple hours to wait, so I did my best at work. My Boss arrived and he just took over. He went home got me crutches, ibuprofen, ice and ace bandages. He made me remove my shoe (which hurt like heck and made my foot swell) and wrapped my foot up. If that wasn't enough, his kind wife sent along a turkey sandwich so the ibuprofen wouldn't upset my stomach.

My Boss drove me to the doctors. He took me over to x-ray. He talked about all sorts of non-essential stuff the entire time and while at points it was driving me crazy, at least I was dwelling on how much my foot was hurting. He got me back to my jeep, he followed me to the gas station (because in addition to almost crashing my car, it was also on "E") filled my tank, got me some snacks and made sure I got to my couch (which is up one flight of steep stairs). I thanked him for everything and his reply was ... "it was fun." Oiy, fun.

The kids came home and both did everything they could to help out. The bedroom doors that are always closed were both open, so I could rely on them for whatever I might need. Dinner was a hilarious sight. My two oldest and my husband all trying to work together to get food prepared and cooked. Clean was a learning experience for everyone.

The good news is my foot isn't broken. The doctor believes I've torn some ligaments in my foot. Today I can put weight on it, which is good because using crutches, BITES.

Today I'm home, foot elevated, ice pack bandaged on my foot and I'll be watching an obscene amount of TV. Heck I might even nap.

Go me.


Sassy said...


Ok, I'm not laughing at you, but I'm picturing you chasing the jeep, and then cussing and all that, and sounds like a comedy movie. You put everything in detail, very well. Anyways I'm glad you are okay!

Happy Friday!

Mig said...

I can laugh about it now that I'm on the mend.

My poor kids are going to have these unusual memories of their mother.

Oh Well!

Amy said...

But what a wonderful man that Bossman is, well, at least now. That was really sweet of him!

I hope you're on the mend quickly and that in the meantime you enjoy some RELAXIN!!!

(And it doesn't hurt the fam to have to jump into your shoes for a change. Maybe they'll have a touch more appreciation for all that ya do!)