Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Up To Speed

Well Hello There!

I am having the darndest time posting during the week these days. It used to be that I could squeeze in a quick post a couple of times a week in between showering and getting my oldest up for school but now that the pre-schooler is in a bed ... I have to get her up EARLY.

Or she will get herself up. And the last thing I want is for her to figure out that she can come out of her room, willy nilly. So far she has not. Days here start at 6:30 AM. (and it doesn't matter if its the weekend either, gah!)

Then in the evenings by the time I finally get said pre-schooler to bed. I. Am. Beyond. Beat. I either have to head to my second job or I'm knee deep in household chores of some sort or I'm just plain exhausted and so bleary eyed that I can't focus.

All of which leave me with zero time to share here. I am hoping it'll all work itself out and I'll find a balance that will give me some extra free time. Until then, just call me the sporattic poster, I guess. (I wrote poser first, heh).


The pre-schooler has her 3 year check up. She weighs 30lbs and is 40 inches tall. I am told she is in the 96th percentile for height. (that equals TALL, in case you were wondering) I also took her to the dentist. The little darling has not ONE but TWO cavities in her baby teeth. We go back in December to try for x-rays.

Kill me now. Yo!

The boy (aka: thirteen year old) is adjusting to school, barely. He is now and has been right along, a night owl. So early AM, kicks his butt, royally. I call him my zombie. My observation has been that school is going well. He's adjusting and he's not taking an ADD medication whatsoever. I read recently that often (or maybe sometimes) there is a mistaken ADD diagnosis in those children WHO HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING. Oh how I wish I had read this, a year ago instead of just last week but, for my boy? It totally makes sense. Parent/Teacher conferences are next week so we shall see how he is doing, really.

The girl (aka: fifteen year old) cannot catch a break, medically. While we continue to see specialists regarding a possible Marfan Syndrome diagnosis, we can now add in some sort of hormonal imbalance. This was brought to my attention by our hair stylist, who pulled me aside and strongly urged me to have her checked, because she has patches of missing hair. So we went and she became a pin cushion and now ... results are pending. We did find out that organs produce hormones (and she already has a questionable kidney), so it's off to the endocrinologist to figure that whole thing out. Thankfully she is a good sport. (but really? enough already!)

For those of you who don't know this, we live in a two-family home and rent out the downstairs. After eight years our tenants have decided that they would like to be homeowners and are moving out at the end of the month. (pause here while I breathe into a paper bag) These people are the kindest and most generous that I have ever met and we were truly lucky to have them with us as long as we did. And equally so, I am grateful to my high school friend for suggesting her brother & sister in-law as replacements. We met with them yesterday and they loved the place. They will be moving in December 1st. That would leave the entire month of November for us (and by us, I really mean my husband) to paint, renovate and upgrade an apartment in 30 days. Also cost us a small fortune, as we head into the holidays.

The rest of my time is spent trying to keep my head above water. Between keeping food in the house (I swear, eating is over-rated and why don't the teenagers realize this?), my obsession with cleaning and working on pet projects (like making awesome Halloween decorations, finishing up my tie together quilt and teaching myself how to embroider) there is little time for anything else.

Any questions?


Barb said...
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Amy said...

It's me again, this time I'm posting as ME and NOT as our church email account. I know, smart of me, huh? I'm quick that way.

In other news...HOORAY for new tenants! I'm thrilled for you! An answer to prayer!

And three kids doing well at school? What is that all about?! LOL Yippee!

Enjoy the kids, try to relax a little.

Love ya!

Sassy said...

Yes, matter of fact, I DO have a question...

Why in the HELL are you getting up at 6:30 am on the weekends?!

You are too busy. You wear me out woman!!!!

AND I hope everything gets better with the kids.