Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Vacation State Of Mind

...... ahhh yes, nothing says mini-vacation quite like spending your Tuesday (knowing you have Wednesday off and knowing that you have an incredibly long day ahead of you) taking notes on an Employee/Town matter until MIDNIGHT.

Some of the things I heard last night really made me feel bad for other people working in the office in question. I have never sat through a disciplinary hearing ... and I found it very interesting (and repetitive). I will state for the record "I'm happy with the outcome." You can quote me on that.

I'm also happy that I have the next six days off. That's right SIX! And I want to pause here, and, thank my boss for being so kind. Allowing me two weeks off this summer, when he has given me so much time off already, though out the year. (oh and .... I hope you aren't reading this!)


How did I spend my first day? Indulging myself at HALF PRICE DAY. There is this Salvation Army about 20 minutes away and I swear every time I get some vacation, I take a trip there. Sometimes I find furniture (think chairs) and sometimes I find clothes for the preschooler.

Today I found stuff for me, already cheap AND 50% off. I came across this long jean skirt, spandex material, with a pleated type ruffle (if there is such a thing). It's GORGEOUS. There was a slight stain on the butt (someone sat in something, let's just say). I think I can get it out with a washing, if not, it's not that obvious.

I saw a black rocking chair for $12.00. That I somewhat regret not buying while I was there. All I could think of is how the hardwood floors and the rocking chair don't go together. But I could probably have put it up here, once the unfinished room ... is finished.


Next up is a yard sale we are having here this weekend. Saturday, 8 AM to 1 PM. I have a bunch-o-crappe and the kids have stuff they'd like to sell. (for top dollar, I might add). I, however, am looking forward to getting rid of it all. I figure if I sell each item for$1.00 (and some are worth less, obviously), I could make $50 - $75. AND I have furniture. Not one but TWO bistro sets. What?

I must have had an eye for them at one point. AHEM. One is plastic and one metal. I hate both of them now ... what can I say.


I am secretly hoping we can take an afternoon trip to the beach, to play in the waves or just soak in the atmosphere ...

Summer is almost over and I want just one more bite at the apple ....

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Amy said...

I agree, we all need at least one more SUMMER IS NOT OVER day!! I was hoping to steal away to the beach tonight (too cold for the water, but not for the sound, sights and sunset!) but I had a meeting. Maybe Friday.

I hope you enjoy your vaca! Next week we all get back to it!!