Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ten Things That Are Deeply Wrong With Me

Alright, so I'm doing a bit of my own stealing here, thanks to Blackbird and Badger, you get to read me getting my freak on ....

  1. I cannot have the price tag remain on anything. And if it comes off in pieces, as some of them do, I'll work at it until you cannot tell it was there.

  2. Even though it was in 1994, a well documented trial, verdict, etc., I am still reading the various books related to the OJ, Nicole Brown Simpson case. My favorite was OJ's "I did it" if you are interested, in Chapter Six, titled "Confessions of a Killer" you will get a clear picture of what happened. The man is sick. Recently ... ahem ... I just finished Kato Kalen: The Whole Truth. Out of all the books I have read .. (think Mark Furman, Murder in Brentwood; Nicole Brown Simpson, The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted; Christopher Darden, In Contempt and last but not least Marcia Clark, Without a Doubt) Kato's? Totally sucked.

  3. I have this thing for the movie Grease. If it's on, I watch it. Like always.

  4. Balloons bother me. Yes I am "globophobic" why do you ask? Want to freak me out? Seat me next to a baby holding a ballon.

  5. It makes me uncomfortable when people talk about muscles or ligaments that are bothering them. Specifically if they want to share a story about how they hurt themselves, or what an operations entails. It like nails on a chalk board.

  6. If you are a sales clerk at a store and you ask me if I need assistance, my answer will 99.9% of the time be no. (The remaining .1% would be if I need to find the restroom.)

7. I am not, nor will I ever be, a fan of blues music.

8. I have a thing for clogs. Anyone care to guess how many pairs?

9. Deep in my heart, I feel, they should make chocolate flavored gum.

10. My inability to sit calmly through any kind of action/suspense/horror scene in a movie. If I am not covering my eyes or squirming in my seat, I'm getting up and leaving the room completely until it's over.


Sassy said...

OJ is a sick man. That whole murder scene was gruesome.

Happy Friday!

Amy said...

a) you crack me up and
2) has it really been since last week that I visited here? OIY!