Wednesday, September 23, 2009

State of Limbo

While I'd like to think I'm not a drill sergeant, I have to admit that sometimes I am. When I'm on-board and trudging forward, everyone in the family must too. No detours.

So when my daughter told me, yesterday, she was feeling horrible, I made her go to school anyways. I mean, seriously, she was up, dressed and had her book bag. To me, she is as good as going. Course as we are driving I feel pangs of guilt. But I stamp them down and drop her off.

I come back and my man is sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee out of a plastic cup. Only he corrects me, it's not coffee. It's Alka-Seltzer.

My son gets up shortly thereafter and declares his throat is sore. He has sensory issues, so he makes these painful swallow faces and gags.

I have no mercy. My man? goes to work. My boy? to school. There will be no deviating from the plan. No. no. no.

I quiz everyone when I get home. My girl? Slept in two of her classes and looks pale. My boy? Says his throat doesn't hurt anymore. My man? Felt better by noontime.

Suck it up buttercup.

In a weak moment last night, I agreed to allow my oldest to stay home today. Barely the third week into the new school year and she's home. She better sleep today and rest. So much for sticking to the schedule.

In other news? The words "layoff" are being discussed in great detail at work. It is looking like my time will be December through February. But it is unclear whether I will be required to work as well. Apparently you can earn up to $200 a week and not have it affect your unemployment benefits. Health insurance will be paid. Which is good.

But until all the specifics are figured out, I am unsure of anything.

And it sucks.

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Sassy said...

Yeah, that sucks. Thinking of you and the sick family!