Monday, August 24, 2009

What I've Been Up To ...

Enjoying. My souvenirs from vacation. Tye Dye Sweatshirt (bargain), pretty pink summer halter style dress, Old Tyme Photos of the kids (which came out awesome), Color Changing Nail Polish, bracelet and anklet (yes I am 12 again, what of it) and a last minute splurge at Bath & Body Works.

Potty Time. This is how we are spending our weekends now. And yes the preschooler has completely taken over the living room with her toys.

Dog grooming. I wasn't sure about this because the pup has feet "issues" and doesn't normally allow anyone to touch them, let alone trim her nails. This guy did all that and trimmed back all her foot hairs. She looks so tidy. And the bandanna? Worth every penny.

Reading. This is a book that is on the Sophomore Reading list. It intrigued me because it is entirely in cartoon and it replaces people with mice during Hitler's era. While I think this is a good choice, I'm baffled by the ending, in which, there is a "to be continued". All that is fine but the ending itself is right before the main mouse is getting on the train to Auschwitz, which to me is the pinnacle of the story. I guess what I am saying is it should include both books. (It took me maybe a half hour to read.) At any rate, it's a good story and I am waiting on the second half of it to come my way.

Cooking. I am 100% loving this spice. So much so that I bought two of them because I'm afraid they are seasonal.

More Reading: This story? Very good. I recommend it.

Selling Stuff on Craig's List. I have two of these sets and don't want either of them. Any takers?

Playing. Check out this pretend pancake. These days there is a lot of preparing and eating of pretend food. It's adorable.

This is breakfast for Dad.

The vacation pictures are coming.

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Sassy said...

You got some good stuff! And the dog is sooo cute!