Monday, August 31, 2009

Saying Yes

Alright, just to recap. THURSDAY was "the" day. School shopping with the teenagers AND my Mom. I will admit at points it was my worst nightmare. Picture everyone following me around the store, looking lost. Why is it so difficult to actually look through a rack of clothing on your own and pick what you like, I have no idea.

It was only two hours but I think it took at least, one year off my life. Stress.

Once it was done, lunch was fun. And I couldn't think my Mom enough for her generosity. She easily spent over $500. Everything we found was on sale.

I just have to show you some of the tags from the clothes. I don't know who Vigoss is, but the jeans? Are very cool.

Here's the pre-schooler's take. She wasn't even there to pick it out. I think that was good, she'd of been overwhelmed. There are infinite choices in little girls clothing. See those embroidered jeans at the bottom?

I wasn't sure that I liked the creases that were already in them but I loved the embroidered butterfly. They are too freaking cute.

Here is my son's take. He still has pants and shirts that fit him, so this is just some new things for him to start the year with. My favorite is the Stewie shirt, I might have to steal it from him. His favorite is the skeleton shirt with the "silent but deadly" on it.

Here is the girls take. She needed jeans mostly (oh and she needs to stop getting taller too). She's a young miss size five. Which means she's super tall and skinny. And yes, picking out bra's with her I think ranks right up there, to her, as majorly embarrassing. And if my asking her to lift her shirt so I could confirm the size of the one she was wearing, contributes to her future therapy, so be it.

She put this outfit together herself. I cannot tell you how proud this makes me. It's a glimmer of a girl who might be starting to care what she looks like. ~cue the angels singing~

Here's what I bought. Sad eh? A couch cover and a bracelet. My mom offered to pay, but I insisted she not, she had done enough for us. What? You want a close up of the bracelet? Sure.

Isn't it pretty? I thought so TOO! I shared one with my teenager, she asked me for it. Very sweet.

Before my Mom headed back home after the shopping extravaganza, she brought me a few goodies from home. The latest Danielle Steel book. Some conditioner. A GPS? That's right, a GPS. My dad couldn't get it to work and they were done fooling around with it. I took a look at it and couldn't find the cord. The CORD! And to quote my Mom ...
"The cord? There was a cord? Is that why we couldn't get it to work?"
~smacks head on keyboard~

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Amy said...

There's a cord!?!? LOL That's too cute!! Thanks to your mom for all her generosity! That's so awesome! Now, wanna take Flash out looking for jeans? Cause NONE OF THEM FIT. Silly skinny kids. Ugh.