Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Shouldn't Suck ... Really

So is this week kicking your ass like it is mine? Good! I am not alone. I can't believe it's only Thursday, it feels like Friday afternoon already.


Granted I have some more vacation time coming next week, which only makes everything drag a bit more. Especially when I'm looking at working both day and night for two days before I'm off.

But that's next week.

Today? Oh yes, Today. Today I have the day off BUT I will be spending it doing school clothes shopping with the kids and, as an added bonus, my MOTHER will be there too. They kids dread this time of year. They don't like looking at clothes (which I totally don't get). So there will be long faces as I make them try on stuff to be sure it fits and then going back to find the right size.

It'll be tedious.

On the plus side? I'll get to buy a few things for my pre-schooler. Which I know already will be fun. How can you shop for little shirts and pants and not SMILE at how tiny they are.

I'm sure once the torture is over and enough clothes are found, there will be lunch and with any luck ...

A quiet afternoon for me. We shall see.

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Sassy said...

This week has totally kicked my ass. Happy Friday!