Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Pictures ~ Finally

Sat. Sun. Mon. ~ There was a lot of cooking and cleaning and hanging out.

Tues. ~ We took the train into the city. Just the girls (that's be five of us.)

Little stand where I bought my halter dress.

This a "T" stop AND a museum. Amazing.

I have always wanted to check out this cemetery in the city. I can't take credit for this awesome pictures. Somehow my MIL managed to snap it and it appears as though there are only a few people in the cemetery. When really? There was easily 100 people milling around.

My oldest didn't want to stop at any of the other places. She just wanted to come here, so she could walk around with her cousin. By themselves. I indulged.

We had hoped to catch a sidewalk show but there weren't any while we were there.

We did spy this. That's right, in, the city. $3 per person to ride it. We all went. We all smiled. How could you not?

Chatting about the day, on the way home.
Fri. ~ (yes I realize these are out of order) we had a lovely bonfire. Eating smores until we were stuffed.

Sat. ~ This was the fire pit at the benefit my man and his band played at. It gives new meaning to the phrase "Meat on a Stick."

Thurs. ~ Here's a picture of the band, as they just started playing. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the audience, there was a nice sized crowd.

Wed. ~ We took an afternoon to go and visit that famous rock. By we I mean everyone but my man who was practicing for the show. (see above)

This rock keeps getting smaller and smaller every time I see it. So sad.

In case you hadn't figured it out yet.

Sun. ~ There was much hanging out, guitar playing and BBQing.

There was a walk around town, vising the local shops.

There was bread making. (I can't remember which day we did that, but I do remember it was too hot to have the stove on.)

Sat. ~ Here is the view from the stage. The weather that afternoon was beautiful.

Overall it was a great time!


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Love the recap and the pics! Great vacation!!

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