Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Stealing: Doing My Own Thing

I didn't feel like doing Sunday Stealing this week. Instead I am going to read you my daughter's favorite, favorite, FAVORITE story. (and that'd be the TEENAGE daughter and not my toddler)

Barney Goes To the Zoo.

Now what do you see when you visit the zoo.

Lots of fun animals looking at you.
.... sorry for the poor photography, clearly I need a better camera ....

Who roars so loud when he's having such fun?

Why it's a big lion, playing out in the sun.
... you'll have to trust me on the lion part ...

The water is spraying. Does it come from a hose?

Surprise! It's an elephant's very long nose.

Who has a long neck and eats leaves from a tree?

It's a pretty giraffe. She's as tall as can be.

It's a white polar bear. Barney's playing with her.
... you'll have to image that too ...

Who's striped black and white and plays hide and seek?

Surprise it's a zebra. Let's all take a peek.

Who has a big hump and long legs when he stands?

It's a tall thirsty camel from a hot desert land.

Who eats bananas and swings through the trees?

It's a friendly brown monkey, so happy is he.
... like you couldn't see that one coming ...

Who's purple and green and has fun at the zoo?

Surprise, it's Barney! he says "I love you."