Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Week Ago ... Today

Because misery loves company .... let's dwell together ... shall we?

Two tiny suitcases. My son let me pack his. I love, love, love the skeleton t-shirt.

My daughter's suitcase I could only pack a couple things, she had to do the rest herself (the nerve!).

A peek inside my son's backpack. That fox has been with him since he was two. Her name is Foxy. She is sitting on top of a couple shreds of his baby blanket, which he tucks into the pillowcase he uses to sleep on at night.

At least with JetBlue I could watch the flight path. It was somewhat comforting.

I stopped at my brother's apartment and he presented me with my people "fix". It took my mind off the kids, for about an hour.

I stocked up. Their rooms? Were pretty smelly.

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Sassy said...


Send me the people magazines and the Febreze! :p