Friday, July 24, 2009

Long & Uneventful

... lies! Partly so. This week was long. But not uneventful. However, that'd be work related and while I am seriously considering putting up a long letter to my boss, I am just as seriously not. (but in case you are reading, bossman, it's nothing ... honest ...)

Monday and Tuesday were rough days. I declared, on the work calendar, that Friday was my mental health day. (and yes I am mental, what of it?)

I was thinking I'd get my ass outside, trimming the now overgrown bushes and long, in the way, tree branches (as in the jeep hits them as I go in and out of the driveway), mow the lawn with the bagger and take the trimmings to the landfill.

So today is the day ... and it's raining. What in the hell?

Plan B, is to finish cleaning out the unfinished room and cram what is left in the small attic storage space ... or PURGE it. Not exactly what I wanted to do. But it is a mindless task that my overloaded brain welcomes.

Plus it's FRIDAY! One week from tomorrow ... my kids ... COME BACK!


Amy said...

I know you're tired of the rain so I suggest you come WEST where we have none whatsoever. And we so badly need it. So come this way! come hang where there's sunshine and friends! And if you happen to bring the rain with you? Well, we'd be very grateful!

Hope the kids are having fun. Only one week left, huh? I'd say that went by fast, but I'm sure to you it wasn't. SOON!!

Sassy said...

How about resting? I vote for that! lol