Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Bother?

I couldn't get my ass out of bed this morning. Granted 5 AM is early but it's nothing new. These days I've been allowing myself one skip a week from class. I took it today. Reset my alarm ...

And ...

Couldn't go back to sleep. Figures right?

So Mother's Day was nice. My brother arrived two hours early, grumpy and hadn't eaten breakfast. He parked himself in my kitchen chair and watched me run around like a lunatic cleaning and prepping for a BBQ luncheon. That was fun.

It was really nice to see my parents and surprise my mother by making food (usually we order take-out and she pays).

My pasta salad rocked.

The boys in the house made sure I didn't have to mow the lawn. Which is good because it was like a hayfield out there and I sure as heck did not want to deal with it. It looks nice now, except for those pesky WEEDS.

By mid-afternoon, the company was gone and I got to just relax. Weekends fly by, always. This one was no exception.

One of my night groups has a deadline this week, Friday to be exact. So between now and then there will be a couple of meetings, lots of voting and extra work for me.

Good times!

At least that is all I have this week, at night anyways. Then there will be prep for the big 13 sleepover party. The living room will become "boytown" and much x-box 360 will be played. I hastily wrote out the invitations this morning, wondering at what point do invitations become uncool? Apparently its not this year, my son took them and thanked me.

As we are gearing up for the upcoming Anime Convention, I am hating to deal with the other Mother going. I'll save that for another post, it's extensive and annoying.

Hope you all survive your Monday.


Sassy said...

Glad you had a good mother's day! Invite me over for some pasta salad! :p

Amy said...

I officially declared invites uncool this year. We just used word of mouth. Worked just fine. I know it's a little late for you this year, but keep that in mind for next.

I can't believe the weekend is over and it's Monday to boot. How long until Friday?!