Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Stealing: The Twenty Firsts MeMe

First Job: My first job was babysitting. I made a couple of bucks and hour. It was enough to get me my very own phone line and telephone, which in those days was pretty awesome.

First Real Job: Working in a daycare (I know, big surprise there) If you wanted to talk about "real" jobs though, it would be working in the city as a secretary to 10 underwriters. I was nineteen and riding the train every day to work.

First Favorite Politician: Arnold Schwartzanegger (how the heck to you spell it? I'm too lazy to look)

First Car: Plymouth Laser (standard, I taught myself how to drive it). I went many many places in that car and was sad to see it go. It had an electronic computer that would talk to you, so every time I drove it, it would say "Please Fasten Your Seat belts."

First Record/CD: Rush - Moving Pictures

First Sport Played: Dudes? I have never in my life played a sport.

First Concert: Judas Priest and it ROCKED!

First Foreign Country Visited: France and it was beautiful. I hooked up with an Italian guy named Luigi and yes, he had a brother named Mario.

First Favorite TV Show: Without a doubt, Happy Days!

First Favorite Actor: Shawn Cassidy in the Hardy Boys.

First Favorite Actress: No one comes to mind.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: His name was Kenny ... and he was a big jerk ... what was I thinking?

First Encounter with a Famous Person: When I was 12, I shook hands with Bowzer of Sha-Na-Na and got his autograph.

First Brush With Death: Going to plug in my alarm clock and electrocuting myself. My parents weren't home and I really though I was going to die.

First House/Condo Owned: I am living in the first house we've owned. It's a two family and while I sometimes hate sharing my house, I love, love, love that they pay half of our mortgage.

First Film Seen: Close Encounters and it scared the pants off me. Or maybe it was The Swarm. What the heck were my parents thinking?

First Favorite Recording Artist: Steve Perry of Journey.

First Favorite Radio Station: W.E.E.I. FM

First Book I Remember Reading: Are you there God It's Me Margaret. I know I read stuff before that but it's the title that sticks in my head. HAHA.

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: I can't remember, because I am old.


I am Harriet said...

I remember the Hardy Boys. Wonder if he still has that head of hair.

Carleen said...

Did you know that Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret is one of the most frequently challenged books in America? How's that for some Sunday morning trivia? ;)

Here's wishing you a fun-filled Sunday!

kalea_kane said...

I really loved Are You There God, It's Me Margaret. Great choice. :) Have a great week!


Sassy said...

You are NOT old!