Thursday, May 7, 2009

Status Quo

I have no idea where Wednesday went. Oh wait, YES I DO. It was a haze of spreadsheets, budget books, regular work and minutes.

And I'm not done. This time of year is incredibly busy for me (ummm yeah, so when is it not then?). We are working to a May 15th deadline and after that, it will get easier.

On the home front, my toddler has started hitting. Me. Its not cute and its not funny (as much as she smiles and laughs when I use my stern voice to tell her not to hit). If that isn't bad enough, she has developed what I call "dramatic crying". There are few tears and there is loud wailing. It's incredibly annoying and clears the room in ten seconds or less.

Leaving me and her.

As for the dog, she is pretty much the same. Mopey and no sign of her going #2. I'm off now to take her for a little jaunt down the street, in the rain, just to see if walking helps things along.

I will be putting up pictures of my yard sale loot, I just need to find some spare time...

1 comment:

Sassy said...

Yeah, hitting isn't a good thing. Hope that gets better.

I also hope the dog poops.