Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

Someone stole my weekend. Have you seen it? Somewhere between the First-Aid class I took and Easter Dinner.

A whirlwind of "are you kidding me moments." That as I sit here writing, I wish I could remember them to share.

In the haze of the morning, I am not remember anything.


The baby had a wonderful time this weekend. She got to wear pretty clothes, play in the cold rain and eat more jellybeans than I liked. It's funny how at two, she is the life the party. Everyone leans in to hear what she has to say. And if she's shy, it's even better. Hearing her put together words and sentences is adorable.

"Look Mommy, they growed up!" (her response to tulips opening up)

"You go on the potty? High five!" (to me on the toilet)

"I get to wear my pretty dress and pretty shoes for the egg?" (her question about what she will wear for Easter)

Time is going by so quickly and as I go through all her 2T clothes that are now too small AND bring out 3T spring/summer clothes that look too big, I find myself getting sentimental with outgrown shoes and pajamas.

Now it's back to reality.


Amy said...

Your pictures of her on the sidebar always amaze me - she's growing so fast! Her little face is even moving from that of a baby cherub to a toddler princess!!

But she has many many more beautiful moments for all of you in the years ahead, too!

Sassy said...

She's so cute. I'd love to hear her talk! hehe