Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stuck with A Day .. That's Gray ... and Lonely ...

When I was a teenager I made my money babysitting. No sooner did I turn thirteen than I had three regular babysitting jobs. One was every Friday night. The other two were alternating Saturdays.

I had my favorite kids but mostly I liked the freedom babysitting gave me. Out from under my parents watchful eye, I could stay up past midnight and watch cable. Smoke cigarettes (outside of course) and snoop through entire households. Maybe help myself to items that wouldn't be missed.

I never said I was proud of the things I did when I was young.

Did I mention I don't trust babysitters? Yeah. I can count on one hand the number of times I've used them. Mostly it was too expensive. I made $3 to $5 an hour if I was lucky. The High School girls I hired expected $10.

But I digress.

One of the girls I babysat for loved the musical Annie. I watched that movie over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (are you getting the gist here?) and over and over and over and over with her. And that is a whole lot of re-winding.

I can sing all the songs and recite most of the lines to the movie, right now, go ahead ask me. I have always enjoyed broadway shows and I enjoyed the story. I mean who doesn't want their own Punjab. I believe that if we all could be a little bit like Annie at some point in our lives, we are doing alright.

Tonight I am gearing up for a nasty meeting. A project that is before my Board, is unhappy in a very major way and the developer is pulling out all the stops and gathering up, masses of people (I am not even kidding on that one) to attend and object to a stand that has already been taken. It even stretched to the members of my Committee last night. And I so mean stretch.

In case you miss my point. It's going to be BIG. Ugly. And. BIG. And. Did I mention UGLY?

So I'm putting on my Annie hat and I am hoping to sing and dance my way through it.



Amy said...

I hope those floors shined like the top of the Empire State Building and that you just stuck out your chin, and grinned and sangggg.....Ooooohhh....

(sorry, maybe it's the redhead in me...)

Sassy said...

I loved that movie. I watched it every time it came on. I was actually going to leave the comment "it's a hard knock life" but you beat me to it in your post.

It is a hard knock life. I just hope the sun will come out tomorrow.