Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In The Garden Zone

Here we are on my deck. It is my favorite summer spot. The sun shines on it all day and usually there is a nice breeze. I just took off the chair covers and set up the chairs, when I snapped this shot. This is the same layout I've used for several years. I think its time to change it up.

When I was shopping with my mom this past week (see previous post) we looked at water play options for the toddler. I wanted something that could sit on the deck (but not a kiddie pool) and provide some water entertainment. We found this ...

A Step 2 Water Table. (how can you not love a peng-man, podah beaw and seal) Now if it weren't for the bug issue we are having, the outdoor table would be a blast. Instead we've had it inside the last couple of days in the "bug free" zone with towels. Even ants are cause for alarm. Oiy!

I went with these Red Bells this year. They like full sun and look like lolli-pops.

We love all things orange here, so flowers it is! (see our garage in the distance, that door is ALWAYS open)

Here are this year's strawberry plants. The little sprouts in the middle are a pair that survived the winter on the deck. The end plants are new and grown in those biodegradable pots.

These are Sweet Sugar Peas. (I think. Heh.)

I try to always keep an American Flag flying at the house. I don't want a day to go by where I forget that we are free because of those who fought for us. (I also wish they made them out of better material, they don't weather well.)

New this year is THIS bird feeder. It's been up Four days now and it has seen little action. There is a spring mechanism in it so that when a squirrel hangs on it the doors close from it's weight. I haven't even seen one of those trying to get at it. Hopefully soon. Here chickie ... chickie ... chickie ...

And here it is. My finished deck, all planted and ready to enjoy. Want to stop by for a coke?What you don't see is this nice green umbrella that I can easily put up to provide shade for the sitting chairs and water table. I am loving it!


Amy said...

ME TOO!! I want to come hang out!! And I'll eat strawberries and I'll splash with the babe in the pool and I'll admire your plants and I won't even notice the open garage door!!

Sassy said...

I totally want to stop by for a Coke!