Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Idiot Brigade

Mig: Good afternoon ... this is the Solid Company.

Guy: Hi, I was suppose to receive a very important and very specific sample today. It was sent by Special Freight, can you tell me if it went out?

Mig: I'll check, can you hold on for a minute?

Guy: Yes.

Mig: (searches through a folder, finds nothing, on a lark checks wall, finds information) Hi there, here is the tracking number 7-8-3-4-5-6-2 and it was sent through Special Freight.

Guy: Thank you.

Mig: You're welcome ... good-bye.

Guy: Bye.

(time lapse: five minutes, phone rings)

Mig: Hello, the Solid Company ...

Guy: Hi, I just talked to you a few minutes ago and you gave me a number but you didn't give me the area code ...

Mig: ...

Guy: I tried 413 .... and .... 609 ... but they didn't work.

Mig: (snickers) That is because it's a TRACKING NUMBER not a phone number.

Guy: (laughing) Ohhhhhhh no area code then?

Mig: (laughs uncontrollably ending possibly with watering eyes)


Mig: Good Afternoon, the Solid Company ...

Lady: Hi, I'd like to buy your product.

Mig: Are you a customer of ours?

Lady: I'd like to be, I'm putting in a "special thing" and I need 400 sq ft of your solid product.

Mig: We are not open to the public but you can purchase our solid product from someone close to you. Where are you located?

Lady: Oh that won't do .... I don't want to buy it from someone who is going to mark up the cost! I need to spend as little money as possible ...

Mig: Well ... the whole idea of being a solid company is that we sell to the retailers so they can sell to the public.

Lady: ... I suppose ...

Mig: Here's what I'll do for you, I'll put you into the voice mail of the owner of the company and you can make your plea with him.

Lady: That'd be GREAT!

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Sassy said...

I think our customers know each other.