Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Art & The Coffee Table

I spent my Tuesday morning, last week, shopping with my Mom and my Brother. A recliner for him along with a replacement for this ... For me? A new coffee table. To finish off the living room, which I want to be a nice family area.

This is a $170.00 piece of art. (why?) I was going to elaborate on our excursion about how the salesman was kinda jerky, the conversation at lunch about this picture and my coffee table find, but it was long and involved and not really positive, so I figure I'd skip it and just do a picture show ... good for everyone ... no? Here it is. I love it! It's in the shaker style and its very solid.

I love the storage underneath. Think baskets ...

I like the drawers.

Awww such cute little fella's.

I had to push the table close to the sofa so her feet would reach.

This is what it looks like "after" the toddler has taken over.


Amy said...

I love her little toeseys perched on the table!! LOVE IT!! Cause that's what a coffee table is for! I love the drawers, I love the open space underneath, yep, good choice!!!

Sassy said...

LOL..you crack me up how you just throw in the "little fellas" comment.

Nice table!