Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Stealing: A High School MeMe

1. Did you date someone from your school? I did. My freshman year, I dated a sophomore. My sophomore year I dated upperclassman.

2. Did you marry someone from your high school? Almost.

3. Did you car pool to school? I would ride with the guy I was dating or have to take the bus (which is a fate worse than death)

4. What kind of car did you have? I had no car in high school. My first car I bought at 19. It was a Plymouth Laser, standard - five speed. I taught myself how to drive it.

5. What kind of car do you have now? 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Love it.

6. Its Friday night...where are you now? Home mostly, sometimes out with girlfriends.

7. It is Friday night...where were you then? Trying to score booze and getting drunk.

8. What kind of job did you have in high school? I worked at a daycare throughout high school.

9. What kind of job do you do now? I'm a secretary ... I mean therapist.

10. Were you a party animal? Not really because I was all about being responsible.

11. Were you considered a flirt? I think so. Although I had more of a reputation of "tease". Go figure.

12. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? Oh hell no.

13. Were you a nerd? See answer to question #12.

14. Did you get suspended from school? I had a couple of in house-suspensions.

15. Can you sing the fight song? If you mean Pink's fight song, I sure can.

16. Who was/were your favorite teacher? A Social Studies Teacher named Chief.

17. Where did you sit during lunch? By myself or I skipped it altogether.

18. What was your school's full name? *insert town name* High School. (real original)

19. Where did you party the most? In the car or at people's houses.

20. What was your school mascot? I skipped all the Pep Rally's so I have no idea.

21. Would you do it again? No thanks.

22. Did you have fun at Prom? Not really.

23. Do you still talk to the person you went to Prom with? I try but his wife doesn't like it.

24. Are you planning on going to your next reunion? Do pigs fly?

25. Do you still talk to people from school? Just recently, thanks to Facebook.

26. What are/were your school's colors? Maroon & Gold.

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sistersledgekws said...

stopping by from Stealing Sunday. My hubby loves his jeep too!