Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuck in Second Gear

Well, I was going to start my post out by stating how Facebook is consuming my life. Then I read Badger. And decided not to mention it, like AT ALL.

I'm trying to get back on track, after last weeks mandatory vacation and I will admit, today was rough. Between the time change and actually having to work ... sheesh. I'm beat.

I have one of those "Wave Clocks", it keeps itself set correctly with the time by sending a wave out (to where I'm not sure). This is my alarm clock people. Daylight Savings time messes with it, so you have to flick a switch in the battery compartment to make sure it doesn't switch your clock back to the original time. Of course, I found this out the hard way a couple years ago and ever since then, whenever there is a switch, I am wary. Picture me laying away at 3 AM waiting to see if the alarm goes off. I should probably think about a new clock.

My son, who is twelve, is just coming into his own and these days he is oh-so-witty with his observations about everything. (Here's some boy math witty + 12-year old = annoying) Of course I can think of various things he's said easily when I'm no where near my blog but as I sit here trying to come up with one, I am not able to. Oh well, maybe later.

All weekend long, I kept thinking about what a fantastic vacation week I had. I didn't do anything spectacular but I did really enjoy myself. I had to work two of the nights but it was easy peasy and during the day I did some driving around and searching out of thrift stores. The beauty of that was that I bought very little and just looked. I saw lots and lot of crap and then I saw lots and lots of expensive, used furniture. My favorite day of the week was Friday. It was a totally fun day that ended with our book club at night. Tiring but I enjoyed it immensely.

I even got a surprise birthday gift. Chocolate and candles, my two favorite things. Nice.

Now, it's back to reality. This week is jammed with personal things. Tomorrow there is a visit to the peditrican and night work, Wednesday are parent/teacher conferences for the teenager (lordy, lordy, lordy) and Thursday I will be attending a Zoning hearing to make a request.

All this adult stuff,
Do you think anyone will mind if I wear my Metallica T-shirt?

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Sassy said...

I won't mind. Not at all!

Thrift stores. Love em!

I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacation. You deserved it!