Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Like High School All Over Again

-bangs head on computer keyboard-

I'm having one of "those" days people. You know what I'm talking about. The day where everything you touch goes to shit and you have to wonder if karma does have a hand in life because it certainly seems like it, when you yell at one of your children and then turn around and practically break all your toes by kicking the door frame.

If I were a cartoon today, I'd have a black smudge over my head.

The icing on the cake was Parent/Teacher conferences for my teenager. I heard over and over what a good kid I have. I also heard over and over the term "missing assignments". I smiled. I nodded politely but really I wanted to drop to my knees and clutch the teacher and beg them to shed some sort of light on why my teenager girl is like a foreign exchange student to me.

I didn't. I kept it together because I'm cool like that.

Instead I came home and went into (yet again) a combination of a lecture and a pep talk. It appeared to be well received TODAY. Because for whatever reason TODAY was a good day. Today was a day that there was smiling at me and much sitting at the table and hanging in the living room because she knows, I want to be with her.

She did slink off to her room when I mentioned how she needs to use her planner and keep better track of her assignments. But hey, I can't be all nicey nicey.

Then I come up here and check facebook. Let's face it, I'm addicted to the damn thing. And I can sit here and make like I don't spend oodles of time on it ... but I do. My friend from middle school posted a couple of pictures of me from her Bat-mitzvah. I am not smiling and I look ... well ... mad.

Ok, ok, not unlike how my very own teenager daughter looked yesterday. THERE, are you happy? The apple doesn't fall from the tree ... I realize this. Not the point of the story.

The pictures have been up for two days and there are seven or eight of them. I am in one or two. Now, because I'm a stalker, I mean facebook addict, I've been watching a couple girls that I went to High School with. Their accounts are open to everyone (idiots!). They made my life miserable for four years. There was a whole group of six or eight but really it boiled down to two of them. One just joined. The other one I was watching.

Well, she commented on the photo with me in it ... that girl, the one I have always suspected wrote nasty things about me on the girls bathroom wall (in the smoking bathroom to boot) and left me a long letter in my mailbox just before school started Junior year to say that I was dead. Her comment was ... and I quote "Mig ALWAYS had that exact look on her face..."

Funny how after all these years, nothing changes.


jenny said...

Screw her. So basically, your look was a combination of 'whatever' and 'not impressed'. At least it was probably honest and better than a fake smile...

And second of all...those barrettes in the picture. We JUST saw those on Friday in that little store. Nothing does change :)

Sassy said...

It amazes me how some people never grow up. I, for one, have grown up and changed for the better since high school.

I'm not a smiley kind of person. I don't think I ever will be. It also takes me a while to warm up to someone before I can truly be myself and feel comfortable. Who says we have to go around smiling all the damn time? I don't want to and I refuse to put vaseline on my teeth!

Mig, if you are smiling or not are still beautiful no matter what!