Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everything But ...

My entire weekend was spent stressing about the kitchen sink. We have alot of history, this sink and I. When we looked at the house and through the inspection, this sink? Worked fine. But within 24 hours of us moving in? Drippage. Major drippage. So we replace the faucet, install shut off valves.

Couple years later?

Replace the faucet again. And again.

Then when the cold water starts leaking, just use the shut off. Status quo for four more years. Just recently (and not pictured) we reached the point where the hot water started leaking, so the whole thing was upgraded. I think excellent. But then the garbage disposal broke. (I cannot make this stuff up)

Finally fixed, I thought me and the sink, could live in harmony. Nope. This weekend? It's clogged so bad that two jugs of draino, many pans of hot water later ... and Sunday night ... still no go.

There was drain snaking (and swear words) and exposing of various turns in the drain pipe, to no avail.

All weekend stressing about it.

Tomorrow my man is going to try snaking it from the basement up. It's going to be ugly and until then? I have no water on the first floor of my house.


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Sassy said...

Well, at least you don't have to call a plumber. You'd get one with his crack hanging out.

Then you would have crack problems too.