Monday, March 16, 2009

Doing The Dance

Skipping the where does the weekend go mantra ....

The weekend involved lots of cleaning. I actually spent Saturday night with a steamer in the tub frying the heck out of the soap scrum and grime. It actually worked. I don't know why I was so surprised, high heat and bathroom cleaner should equal the dirt finally throwing up it's hands and saying "I'm outta here!" Granted it took a couple hours to do.

Crazy I know. Who would spend that much time on it? Me. Clearly.

Yesterday my daughter hosted a little birthday party for her friend. A boy "friend". She has known this boy for YEARS. I think it was first or second grade when they met and became friends. The boy's mother and I had a nice chat yesterday. Both of us chuckling that their friendship has survived Middle School and is now thriving in High School. It was more like a reason to get together and hang out then it was a celebration of a birthday. I had fun spying on them. You know because that's what I do. Eavesdrop on their conversations and check up on them when they try and hang out at the local Pizza place (under the guise of walking the baby, of course).

By 5:30 PM I was ready for everyone to GO HOME ALREADY. My roaring might have scared them off. Heh.

I got out the sewing machine last night, dusted it off, chased out the spiders (totally not kidding) and made up some curtains for the lone window in my book area. Then I started working on a custom cover for the ailing couch that has seen better days.

Yes, my weekend was that DULL. But hey, it's a new week ... filled with appointments and meetings.

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Sassy said...

Make me some curtains, will ya? :p