Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Appreciating Our Ancestors ...

Well the sink saga continues .... there was no progress made last night, due largely in part to? I have no idea what, exhaustion perhaps? When it is man versus the sink PLUS a long 11 hour day. Sink wins.

It's wearing on me, Mrs. Type A, I can tell ya that. Last night after a lame dinner, I hauled no less than three piles of dishes upstairs to our bathtub. I washed them all. While that may sound great, it really wasn't enough. Remember my dishwasher? Yeah, it's full of the dishes we use constantly.

And right now it's permeated with brown water bleach smell. Not pretty. (and will my glasses ever smell normal again? Stay tuned)

Speaking of the dishwasher it filled back up. So yes, that was fun ... bailing out skanky draino water. I am hoping today we find and snake the clog.

Because this whole doing dishes is the tub? Sucks.

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Sassy said...

Dishes in the tub?


Hope you get it fixed soon. I want to come over for dinner! lol