Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walking In Someone Else's Shoes

I am still feeling angry about my text messages being passed on. I do realize I should let go, but like others who have betrayed me, I have hard time moving on (thanks EBF for the baggage, 'preciate it!)

For the second night in a row, my girl has come out to the kitchen, to hang with me, while I throw together dinner. Last night was a disaster, as there was more discussion about her friend C. the boy who she wants to stay with us at the upcoming convention. I made her cry. Because, you know, I don't want to share my expensive hotel room and she is not able to wrap her teenage brain around why that is. So I offered up taking everyone by train, all three days. Yes, I'm nice but you know what? This is my baby and it's a birthday gift and if this gets us past it, I'm willing to put it out there (although it will suck, yo!).

Now I knew this "change in plans" would cause issues once it reached my friend M. Tonight I asked my girl outright if she did indeed read my text messages. She said yes, she saw two of them. I appreciate her honestly.

And it just made me more mad. I think mostly at myself. I need to not put it in writing, I need to say it. Otherwise those words could fall into hands I don't want them to be in (you'd think I'd of learned that with the whole boss/blog thing but ... clearly not).

So, I got a few text messages from M. Freaking out again, because her daughter J. told her about the train idea. And stress, stress, stress. I thought about sending those texts to her daughter but then realized that I need to be the better person. Why am I not spiteful?

I called M. I told her about my girl and how sad she was and why I put out the train option. I also told her that I am not canceling anything and I will call C.'s Mom and see what the deal is but I can't build Rome in a day, I have other priorities. And I listened to M. and heard her go on and on about all the trouble she is having with J. and how she is responding to it (badly in my opinion), I realized something. I have a really good relationship with my girl.

When, I told my girl I was still angry about the text messages and she said this to me ...

"At some point you have to move on Mom."


Hootin' Anni said...

I would be right there with you on the 'hate' of your #22!!!!

Mine are posted now. I'd love to have you stop by to view and keep me company for a while!! Happy Sunday.

Sassy said...

Your daughter is a smart girl. She must get it from her mother. =)

If you are like me, I dwell on things. I try like heck to let things go, but it just won't happen as quickly as I want it to!