Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Second Helping

First - I dreamt last night that while I was out, the police, came and took all three kids away and gave them to Social Services (glares at JennyJ because in the dream we were out together). I couldn't find the number for the police or get the phone to dial properly .....

.... I woke up ... thank goodness ....

Second - I dreamt immediately following the first one, that I was married to my brother-in-law (which, ew) and were staying with his neurotic friend who had a big house with eight bedrooms. I was commenting on all the bedrooms and my BIL said to me, well that's because he had lots of children. Then I said "Well if I had a house with eight bedrooms I'd have lots of kids too." and then HE SAID "That's what you have me for"

.... I woke up to the alarm ... dear sweet alarm .... kisses ....

SIDE NOTE: I then got up, brushed my teeth and hopped in the shower, where I started rinsing and crushed a spider on my shoulder.

Then I may have quietly screamed and covered its dead body with a facecloth.


Sassy said...

Eww. I hate spiders. I used to have this spider in the corner of my shower. It was small, but I was afraid to kill it. It was staring at me! Stalking me! I'm serious. lol Then I FINALLY drowned the sucker.


jenny said...

In response to your first dream:

Glare at me all you want but where is YOUR HUSBAND?!?! He should have been with those kids! You should totally be glaring at him instead. It's not my fault you wanted to come to Borders and midnight Walmart with me. :)

And I can't believe for a minute you could ever misplace a phone number. Your phone is well programmed (think Dentist on speedial).

This dream: totally unrelated to your real life.

The second dream though:

Second dream: ~chicka chicka bow wow~ Freudian slip, maybe???? :)

ahahahahahaha! Knowing how that second one kind of icked you out? That's totally cracking me up.

The spider, though? goosebumps.s

Amy said...



and EW!!!