Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Bad

Third night of the week. Third night out. I had a controversial committee meeting tonight. I am tired of complaining about it. Instead, I put my best foot forward. After all, I had to stand up and ask to be appointed to this Committee and I will admit I haven't been giving this, even 30% of what I put into everything else in my life.

Today I decided, to have a better attitude. To try harder. I'm interested, I'm volunteering my time, I do want to be there.

So ....

Ten minutes early, I got into my jeep and drove over. I saw everyone standing outside, in the distance.

I drove by. (you in the back stop laughing!)

I didn't have my key to the building and usually when this happens (it is not the first time I have seen everyone standing outside) I run home, get my key, think I will be the hero, and by the time I come back everyone is inside.

The meeting place is one street from my house. I drove back around, pulled in the driveway, parked, ran upstairs and took the dog out.

Figuring enough time had passed for someone to come through with a key, I got back into the jeep and drove over ... only to find ... STILL everyone is standing outside. I drive by, again.

(alright, laugh, its funny)

I get into my driveway and consider just waiting longer. I relent. Take off my snow boots and climb two flights of stairs. Get my damn key.

Into the jeep. Again. I drive over. My cellphone rings.

"Hey, Mig, are you coming to the meeting tonight?"

(pulls into the parking lot) "Yes, actually I'm here."

"Oh, I see you. Can you see me? I'm waving. We don't have a key to get in."

"Yes, I have my key."

"Okay, bye."

I get to the door and I see the entire group, outside, in the cold, waiting. The ex-chairman (who has a key) conveniently forgot his key. The one he was suppose to turn over to the new guy.


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Sassy said...

LOL. Sorry, had to laugh! :p

We should start our own eventful meetings!