Monday, February 2, 2009

It Can't Just Be That She's Tall

On Friday I took my daughter to the orthopedist. She has been out of her scoliosis brace for six months (she outgrew it, big surprise there with her 5' 10" frame). The doctor decided that we would wait and come back and that if the curve in her spine wasn't any worse, we would continue to monitor it. He did tell me specifically "not to panic" if we find the curve is worse. That it is okay and to be expected.

~breath in paper bag here~

So we did the x-ray and then we did the consult. It all went really quickly and really smoothly. Her curve is not worse, she does not need another brace. We come back in six months for another check.

Oh and by the way ....

Did the previous orthopedist (the one who decided she was going to stay home with her small children instead of continuing on) speak to us about genetic testing?

What? No! I'm pretty sure she did not.

Oh well ... because my daughter is very tall and very thin, and because she is able to bend her thumb back to her wrist easily, her fingers are very long and she has scoliosis ...

He would like to rule out this. A GENETIC DISORDER. He explained that we would go into the city and see the head of the department in genetics. That they would take down all the family history (of very tall decedents, I might add and not on my side of the family, ok, that I know of) and then they would test her heart and her eyes.

And decide if she has this Syndrome or not.

~insert much paper bag breathing here~

My daughter has been through her share of medical issues. It started with an indent in her chest at birth, continued to a dual ureter system that malfunctioned, surgery (don't ask just trust me), bladder issues, six years in braces, scoliosis ... and now ....

I hope nothing. Please. Please. Please. Be nothing.

Course it is a waiting game. It takes time to set up the appointment and it will be months before I know for sure ... until then ... I can read the symptoms and speculate.

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Sassy said...

Oh crap. Poor girl. I will definately keep her in my prayers!