Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You're Not The Boss Of Me

Well it's official. The baby is crazy. She has a fall-down crying fit over a muffin. Only to decide (when I give it to her) that she doesn't want it. Instead she wants something else she can't have, so she can cry about that too.

Have this incident repeat itself every ten seconds, and there is my home life these days.

It makes you question your sanity. Truly.

Tonight I am working at my night job. I have the agenda and know already that its going to be a long meeting by the three hearings already scheduled. Add in a Chairman who is diplomatic to a fault (as in everyone walks right over him, so discussions that should be brief are lengthy) and a member who is an engineer and wants to dissect each and every plan that comes before us ...

.... its a recipe for a "last until midnight" meeting. I. hate. it.

I think the biggest issue I have with the whole thing is the Chairman has bad breath. Not in an "ew, you had onions and garlic way" but in a "what dog butt fungus have you been licking way". If I don't keep my head turned at all times, I'm blasted with nastiness. YES, I keep lots of candy readily available. It doesn't help.

About a month ago the Chairman mentioned having a bad tooth and the eminent removal of it. I thought finally, the solution to minty freshness.

Or not. It has made little difference. I don't get how you can have it THAT bad and not realize. Doesn't anyone use the breathe into your cupped hand test anymore?

(As a side note, I blogged about this, years ago but it was about a VP in my office. When my boss got a hold of my blog I wondered if he ever read that post and I'll admit I was mortified that he might have. WELL, the other day, my boss came to me, after a closed door meeting, and said he let the VP know that his breath was stinky and he thought I should know that he told him that straight up. Leaving little to no question in my mind that HE DID READ IT)


I might have to resort to a clothes pin on my nose. Stay tuned.

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Sassy said...

The guy has to know he has bad breath! I mean..come on!

lmao@dog butt fungus