Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twenty Minutes

That's how long it takes me to get ready, anytime. While I like to think I am quicker than that, really I am not.

Today, I tried using this new Cover girl Eyeliner. TRIED. After using my face lotion I couldn't open it and no amount of wiping helped. I could not understand what the problem was.

As it turns out ... you have to unscrew the cap. Go figure.

Course my in-vain search for dirt ended with having to resort to used potting soil. While it all worked out ... YESTERDAY I found a bag of it, unfertilized for $1.50. ~bangs head on keyboard~

I've had no work this week, at night, so instead of using my time wisely, I've been majorly goofing off. That's right, I call myself the responsible one. Just not this week, SO FAR. (to be fair there are two days left in the week, really one because tomorrow is FRIDAY)

This week I've been plagued with random coughing fits. And they happen at the worst times. For example, my boss and I were working on my computer, as soon as he came over, cough. cough. cough. gasp. cough. cough.

He asked me if I ate a pillow this morning to make light of the situation. I finally ate a piece of hard candy, to MAKE IT STOP. I know I've got allergies and some post nasal baloney but random fits of dry coughing just draws attention that I don't want.

I might have to resort to keeping Robitussin handy at all times and who wants that?

Alright ... SO ...

In case you didn't notice I did some post switching. I had a post that I wasn't going to publish that I wrote to the First Lady on Tuesday. I actually didn't hit publish because of one line in it. But TODAY I decided that was just stupid and I put it up. I'll leave you hanging as to what I mean but I'm over it now.

Here's to one more day until FRIDAY.


Sassy said...

It takes me 45 minutes to get ready. That's shower, hair, and makeup. Pretty good, huh?

Where the hell is your First Lady post? I want to read it!!!

I'm so glad tomorrow if Friday!

Sassy said...

Nevermind, I found it.