Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To The Mrs.

Today was a huge day in history. I watched it live streaming, on my computer, at work. My boss didn't mind at all. We both listened in on the festivities.

I wondered what is going on in your mind today. What you think of the huge change that your family is about to go through. What its like for the next four, possibly eight, years living in the White House? Living with the history, making history.

Christmas on the grandest scale ever. All the diplomat dinners and fancy balls you will attend. Your wardrobe. Access to make up and clothing you never dreamed of. Fancy things for the girls. A new pet. Staff at your beckon call. Your Mother-In-Law always there.

How you will keep everyone grounded? How will you tactfully deal with your husband, a very powerful man, when the need arises? As the woman of the house, you are the glue that holds the family together, but in the public eye? How will you do your thing?

And when you write that book (you know you will), give us as least a line or two about what it's like, that first night, in your new place, the "private quarters". When it's only you and your husband, not the new President of the United States.

There will be moments that will whip by and there will be times when you wish your life was anywhere but there. You will get through it. Remember we all have been there. (just not on such a grand scale)

I wish you luck, from one mother to another. We will be watching.


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Sassy said...

Well, that was beautiful!

I was watching tv. They were saying the White House has a staff of 80!

Mrs. Obama said their children will still have chores and make their beds.