Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Part Two

I am still complaining and its TUESDAY. Here's more ...

18. Jumping over each other at bootcamp this morning (for the record I thought it was an incredibly stupid idea) and being the only one to get STEPPED ON.
19. Getting my battery replaced and realizing my man's truck needs a new one TOO.
20. Being told I look tired when I'm not.
21. Night work, two nights in a row.
22. Sitting through a long sucky meeting that ended with a disapproval ANYWAY.
23. A possible snow day tomorrow.
24. Snow + day off - no daycare = I still have pay even though she's with me.
25. I'm awake and it's far too late for me to be awake.
26. I am still not liking this blog format.
27. I don't even like myself right now.

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jenny said...

28. The server is BROKEN at your friends work so she didn't send any amusing/boring emails.