Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New Clean

I cleaned my son's stinky room last night. While I realize, boys and men, are fragrant in their own unique way, I had a hard time telling if it was him. Or the cats that hang out in the room too.

He had to get working on his Science Fair project, which involves three plants and some earthworms. The materials themselves are not easy to find this time of year. I went to several stores in search of dirt and encountered many strange looks. Rock salt is aplenty but plain old potting soil is not. I ended up using some old plant pot dirt, that's how tired I was of trying to find anything that didn't have fertilizer in it.

So while he planted. I cleaned.

Thankfully I didn't find any surprises and it would seem that stripping and washing the bed, sweeping and mopping the hardwood floor did the trick.

I set up a table by on of his windows so the plants can be monitored by him, not me. He came in and set them up, then started choking.

Son: Mom, it smells RANK in here.
Mig: You mean clean?
Son: No, I mean RANK. What did you do?
Mig: I c.l.e.a.n.e.d.
Son: (covers his face with his shirt) I can't stay in here.
Mig: Well heaven forbid there be the smell of Lysol in here.
Son: This is awful (gags).
Mig: Sleep on the couch then.

So there you have it. If you want your children to stay out of their room, just clean it. Who knew.