Friday, January 30, 2009

Hail to the Weekend

Today could not come quick enough. This week? Long and now over.

Because the office is so quiet, my boss offered to let me take today off. Only a fool would say no. And I am no fool.

I won't be spending the day doing nothing. I've got me an AGENDA. It involves mostly errands and today my daughter goes back to the orthopedist to see if she will be needing a new brace for her scoliosis.

She hasn't had one for six months. The doctor told me not to panic (how does he know me so well?) if we find that the curve in her spine (really two curves) is worse. I hope it's not. I hope she's done with the whole thing. By the end of today we will know.

No big plans for the weekend but there are a few fun things going on, for me.

I've got a couple of good posts kicking around in in my head, it's just taking the time to write them out, that I don't have.

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Sassy said...

Hope good news comes at the doctor's office!

Happy Friday!