Thursday, January 8, 2009


This morning my face felt like someone hit it with a shovel. Let me take that back. It felt like someone scrambled it, cut it up and then hit it with a shovel.

Not fun people. Not fun.

Timing is everything and today I had a regularly scheduled physical. Just a follow up on medication and how it all is working and a vitals check.

I begged for antibiotics. It worked with little effort. (perhaps she could see how my face felt)

I am now two doses in and feeling marginally better. If my teeth would just stop aching that would be terrific. (can you hear me? teeth? hello?)

Today, after work, our office group of five (me and two cranky men, one VP and the big guy) went to the local bar to send off, one cranky pants. His job was temporary, which he knew when we hired him, so there were no hard feelings and who doesn't like drinking beer and eating on work time.

In my case, Mountain Dew. Three of them. It was either that or Pepsi and for us die hard Coca-Cola drinkers, Pepsi is not an equal.

We all ordered pizzas and appetizers and, in general, it was fun. If you like to talk about how many ounces of beer fit into certain sized glasses, football or shop talk.

Its times like that, I wish I had a work girlfriend. Someone who would notice the new mother's ring on my finger or someone who could agree with how freaky it is to have pubic hair that is turning gray.


It IS freaky and wrong on so many levels.

Anyway, I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. Here's to having a normal feeling face, tomorrow. I hope.

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Sassy said...


Ok, I hope this is letting me comment this time.

I wish I was your coworker. We'd have fun and get into trouble! haha

I too am a dedicated coke drinker. Pepsi tastes...flat.