Friday, January 2, 2009

Bonus Day Off

I'm home today. I sent the baby to daycare. I feel a smidge guilty about that. She did not do anymore puking yesterday. She ate, she played and sometimes she would just lie down.

So the last one isn't normal toddler behavior, she has no fever and she did want to go.

Honestly? I keep waiting for "the call". But so far, nothing.

I'm sitting here, right now, in my bedroom, watching TV and really enjoying myself. I'm sure I will pay for all this leisure time somewhere down the road but right now?

I'm going with it.

I'll report here that I was sleeping soundly when the new year's ball dropped. I woke up yesterday morning and immediately though ... "GOSH I'M LAME"

Oh quit laughing. I was tired.

Can you tell me? If you eat eight tiny snicker's bars should you really have just gone for the regular size one?

I just did my schedule for next week ... and it's business as usual ... NUTSO.

Only one more hour left. I'm wondering if I can squeeze in a nap. Just kidding!

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