Friday, December 12, 2008

Wanted: Ark

Dudes, it's been raining for FOUR days. FOUR DAYS. I am so tired of the rain. I know I know, it could be snow. Could be a blizzard. But it's not. It's rain.

Enough already.

My son doesn't feel that way. He loves it. He wakes up each day, excited. A good day, is a rainy day.

So, we got a bit of bad news yesterday afternoon. Sad news. If you live in this area you would be hearing about two boys and a fatal car accident. We knew one of them. We know the parents, we know the family and we are deeply saddened. Eighteen and Seventeen is too young to die. Speed, lack of driving experience and this damn rain were all contributing factors to their car hitting a tree. I cannot even express the sympathy I have for the dad, a man my husband worked with for many years, a man who loved this boy more than anything in the word. He is devastated.

We await news of the wake and the funeral.

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Sassy said... sorry to hear that! I will keep all in my prayers.