Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Unmentionables Discussion

Yeah, wrong tag on that last post. I actually thought it said Happy Monday and was surprised, this morning when I went back to it and read what it really said.

Oh well.

So my daughter, after many discussions and chasing paperwork, will be joining the school's swim team. I hope. There was some feet dragging and a boy in one of her classes who is ON the swim team and he keeps giving her updates.

One was these 8 hours straight of swim sessions. That alone is enough to make me RUN for the HILLS, but my daughter? She thought that was outrageous.

I got clarification. It's a training sessions and they don't swim the entire time, its two three hour sessions of drills and they break for lunch.

Then, this same boy (who I would like to poke in both eyes at this point) tells her, just yesterday, that the opportunity to join swim team has past.

Funny thing about that, I talked to the COACH, YESTERDAY and he assures me that she can still join and he sent me the necessary paperwork.

My girl is already intimidated by this whole thing, being a freshman and all, and this kid is not freaking helping, I want to smack him.

Add into this mix, a couple of conversations I am going to have to have with her about bikini areas and tampons. Neither of which she will want to discuss with me BUT if she wants to swim, she will have to master both.

Less she want to look like a bushman or have a Carrie experience.

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Sassy said...

I will smack that boy for you. The little shit.

As for the conversation you are about to have with your daughter, I wouldn't want to have it either. lol