Saturday, December 27, 2008

No Let Down Here ...


What a whirlwind of goodies here at Casa-Mig's. as I type this I am surrounded by dollies (sp?) that keep needing to have their diapers changed. Watching my baby, change her babies.

It's been fun.

I haven't seen much of my son. He opened his Lego chess set and he's been on a mission every since to put it together. There is only about 1,000,000,000 pieces. He's halfway there, I think. (I believe there is some digression when a battle breaks out between the good and bad guys, you know, it's a boy thing)

My daughter has been out and about constantly. Her gift was a new laptop computer. See ... she needs me ... the Administrator, to do anything on it. I love that fact. She hates that fact. As I was loading in some software for her last night, I checked on her searches. I found several, all with the same theme.

parental controls vista
how to remove parental controls
password protection vista

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Christmas Day was fun. My parents stopped by and enjoyed some turkey dinner. They brought enough presents for a small army. Or so it seemed. No sparkly sweaters this year instead I got a set of coke glasses, pictures and perfume. Excellent.

The best part was getting a King Size Electric blanket. His and her controls, separate sides with a preheat option. It makes the frosty third floor, warm and fuzzy. I thought nothing could top it until I was given a beautiful mother's ring. I cried when I opened it. It came in a beautiful box. I have such tiny fingers that it didn't even need to be sized. A perfect fit. Three stones with each one representing one of my babies (the middle stone, which is my son, is an Emerald. I've been told they aren't cheap). I can't stop looking at it.

Of course ... I'm afraid to see the receipt.

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Amy said...

Okay, I love all of this, but I laughed out loud at your daughter's recent internet searches!! LOL Of course, I had my ex calling me to go over some of the "what should he be allowed to do and not do" topics.

It all sounds magnificent!!!