Monday, December 1, 2008

My Future Costume Designer

I think I may have mentioned this before. My oldest, is very artistic. Her drawings are amazing and she can do them so quickly. Her great grandmother was a phenomenal painter and we have been blessed with several of her paintings that need to be re framed at some point. One is a bullfighter and from what I understand it was painted for my husband's dad.

Both have left this world and as someone who appreciates all kinds of art, I am thrilled to have her paintings and one that has a story behind it.

Not the point of my story here.

My daughter came to me on a Thursday, with an idea of making her own costume for "Spirit Week" at school. She asked if I could buy take her to buy fabric, she explained that she wanted to create something she could wear. At first it was just a hat, then it was a tunic and finally she thought out loud about gloves.

So I took her to the Fabric store. We went to the back. To the cheapest fabric and with my 40% off coupon, I bought one yard of brown and two yards of green and some thread.

I was told that this was HER project and that I would not be helping with any of it.

Sheesh. It's not like I micromange or anything. ~whistles innocently~

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we say little of her. When I checked on her, she was on her floor, scraps of fabric, loose thread and scissors surrounded her.

She kept insisting everything was going fine, she was just focused.

Sunday afternoon she emerged. Wearing her creation. I was allowed only to sew one of the straps on, because she couldn't figure out the length until she put it together. There was much discussion on the need for white pants and a white turtleneck.

Otherwise the costume just wouldn't be complete. I thought about arguing with her on that. Had she spent any less than THREE DAYS on it, I might have. Instead I made jokes about no white being available past Memorial Day. She wouldn't hear of it.

We found pants and a shirt. And here you have it. Her hand sewn costume. What you cannot see (yes because my picture taking SUCKS so badly) is the intricate details of her costume and how they resemble LINK in the Game, TWILIGHT PRINCESS.

She wore this costume to school on Monday. On the way there she did express some concern with "everyone staring at her" but she went. No coat. Full costume. A Freshman in High School. She said it was awesome and that the "cheerleaders" would come up to her and ask if she was "Peter Pan" but the football players? They knew who she was. One guy came up to her and said "Dude, Nice Link Costume" and gave her a high five.


Sassy said...

She did great! Any chances she would make me a shirt?

I used to play the Zelda game. I know exactly who Link is!

I'm proud too :D

Anonymous said...

lol...too cool!!

jenny said...

Okay, if you take away the fact that she's tall, really tall - with her hair all hidden like that she looks like she's eight years old again :)

Amy said...

I have no idea who Link is, but nonetheless, she looks awesome!!! Way to go!! (Man, where was she when I needed Frizzle help?!?)

P.S. The word verification is "ciancled" I think that's a very emphatic KEEEE ANCLED, don't you?!