Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Decor ~

Skipping the outside pictures (yes my photography is THAT good), here is the mat at the bottom of our stairs.

Here is a picture of my fiber optic Santa, I love how he glows and I try to ignore the fact that there is also a humming noise and hope that nothing catches fire.

Here is the mood lighting around my sink (sadly it doesn't hide the dishes that needed to be done), I like the blur color.

Here is my snow globe. I love me some Snoopy. Who cares that it makes it difficult to walk around in the kitchen. It will last longer ... inside.

Here is the top of my entertainment center (I do realize it is 90's motif). I set it up this way, every year.

Here is my Hallmark singing Snowman collection. (please ignore the fact that, in the background, it looks like Kermit and the Reindeer had too much to drink)

I can't just have two. I must have them all.

I like the penguins and their bells (the children's book collection isn't too shabby either).

Here is this years.

Here is the tree. There is not a single candy cane left. I have no idea why. (notice the broken pane of glass in my beautiful french doors. (KIDS)

And, completely unrelated. My man, the baby and Santa. This is the best picture out of the three that I took.


Happy Holidays!

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